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So excited
Repost from @watchsnowglobe. Had the pleasure of teaching at the amazing Snowglobe Workshops! Link in my profile description!
Tis’ a good layover
Always sucks leaving SD, but oh boy am I excited to share the love and passion of dance this weekend. See you soon Delray Beach, Florida!
It’s @cookiessd Monday at MLC! Catch @dairyyawnknowles beginner class, then weekly cookies class right after! Come through and get your training grind on!
So excited for this weekend! Super honored to even be on the same line up as these dancers. Florida here I come! If you want to come through, check out to pre register!

Colorblind cryptarch

Come take class tonight with this chinky guy! Teaching something new, so come through San Diego!
at Todo Sushi
Come check out @kaylajaograham and I’s monthly class! Today’s the first day! Come through!
#thirdwheel (at road to LA LA land)